Fine Papers

Premium Rough Gloss Papers & Boards

Premium Rough Gloss Papers & BoardsOur Premium Rough Gloss Paper has brilliant color reproduction and excellent Print Quality. It has low gloss coating with vivid texture of paper surface making it suitable for high end publications and luxury printing.

Applications: Brochures, Invitation Cards, Tags, Wedding Cards, Catalogues, Posters, Shopping Bags, Calendars, Business Cards, etc.

GSM: 130 gsm, 160 gsm, 190 gsm, 230 gsm, 260 gsm

Sizes: 635 mm x 915 mm / 720 mm x 1020 mm

Premium Ivory Boards (Glazed / Smooth / Rough)

Premium Ivory BoardsOur High-End Uncoated Ivory Board is suitable for all types of printed matter. It has excellent glazed / smooth / rough surface with high print results. Its pure neutral shade and the matt surface do not only add life and depth to images, but also make large areas of text easy to read. This paper is used by various printers for various Corporate Communications.

Applications: Visiting Cards, Catalogues, Brochures, Tags, Greeting and Invitation Cards, etc.

Surface Finish: Smooth, Rough

GSM: 250 gsm, 270 gsm, 280 gsm, 300 gsm, 335 gsm, 350 gsm

Sizes: 635 mm x 915 mm / 700 mm x 1000 mm

Metallic Papers & Boards

Metallic Papers & BoardsOur Metallic Paper is extremely popular in crafting and card-making. It has rich surface finish in different Colors and is ideal for all creative communication and packaging purposes. It has excellent print and finishing properties

Applications: Stationery, Brochures, Catalogues, Invitation Cards, Visiting Cards, Promotional Materials, Newsletters, Menu Card, Packaging Boxes, etc.

GSM: 120gsm and 250gsm

Sizes: 635mmx915mm

Covering Material

Covering MaterialOur Covering Material is the perfect embossed covering for books, binders, packaging boxes and folders. It is used for a large number of packaging applications. It has various embossing patterns which gives luxury feel.

Applications: Diaries Covers, Book Covers, Jewellery Box Covers, Various Luxury Packaging Box Covers, etc.

GSM: 120gsm

Sizes: 720mmx1020mm, 1020mm Reels

Book Binding Boards

Book Binding BoardsOur Book Binding Boards provides excellent Durability, Flatness and Rigidity that ensures excellent finishing and runability.

Applications: Diaries, Notebooks, Board Games, Puzzles, Display & Showccards, Luxury Packaging, etc

GSM: 1mm to 3mm

Sizes: 635mmx915mm / 788mmx1043mm

Translucent Papers

Translucent PapersOur Translucent Papers is perfectly suited for all creative applications. With all of the characteristics of fine printing papers, translucent papers as their name implies, offer a subtle transparency to print design.

Applications: Brochures, Catalogues, Mailings, Image Brochures, Posters, Advertising Material, Calendar, Invitation Cards, Envelopes, etc.

GSM: 92 gsm, 112 gsm, 142 gsm

Sizes: 635mmx915mm