Label Papers

C1S Label paper

Semi – Gloss paper

We offer One side Coated semi-gloss paper popularly known as chromo paper in various Gsm and widths as per customer requirements. The paper is designed for self-adhesive application with high degree of whiteness, excellent printability and is also suitable for high speed conversion.

Applications: Self- Adhesive Labels, Unsupported Labels, Brochures etc.

GSM: 65 gsm to 90 gsm

Print: Flexo, Offset, Uv-offset, Rotogravure.

C1S for Pharmaceutical Labels

One-side coated paper suitable for use as self-adhesive face material in labelling of pharmaceutical products demanding highest surface cleanliness. Appealing gloss, high brightness and opacity, superior smoothness. Correct stiffness level for easy labelling of pharmaceutical products. Runs smoothly on converting lines. Optimal printability in narrow web printing systems.

Applications: Pharmaceutical Labels

GSM: 62 gsm to 65 gsm

Finish: Gloss , Matt

C1S Wet strength Paper

One side coated paper with wet strength capability is suitable mainly for beverage industry. This paper has excellent ink retention property with highest strength and functional coating on reverse.

Applications: Beer Labels, Water Bottle Labels and Many Other Beverage Applications

GSM: 65 gsm to 80 gsm

Finish: Semi-gloss , High Gloss

Thermal transfer Paper

One side coated paper specially designed for use as application. The paper is well known for high quality image reproduction and excellent barcode readability. This paper is visually attractive with matt finish superior smoothness; high brightness and opacity combined with high level of scratch and smudge resistance.

Applications: Self-adhesive face material in thermal transfer printing

GSM: 65 gsm to 85 gsm

Finish: Matt, Semi-Matt


We provide premium one side cast coated paper and board with smooth surface high glossiness, excellent tearing, tensile properties and quick ink drying time which results in a high quality printing performance.

Applications: Self-adhesive labels, Wet glue labels etc.

GSM: 80 gsm to 90 gsm

Finish: High Gloss

C2S Paper

We offer high quality both side coated paper in lighter Gsm. Our C2s paper is used for premium applications due to its high brightness excellent printability and high strength.

Applications: Printing and publication, Flexible packaging, Self-adhesive application.

GSM: 50 gsm to 90 gsm

Finish: Glossy, Matt

Metallised Paper

We offer high quality metallised paper for wide variety of applications. We provide a premium label without a premium price tag. Our metallised paper provides an ideal surface for printing that is suited to nearly all inks and printing processes. Our metallised paper gives you opportunity to offer brands more self-appeal and premium looks.

Applications: Beer Labels, Self-Adhesive Labels, Beverage Labels, Holographic Applications, In Mould Labels, Gift Wrappers, Wedding Invites, Magazine and Catalogue Covers and Many more.

GSM: 50 gsm to 105 gsm

Finish: Glossy, Matt, Holographic, Texture