Release Base Paper

Glassine paper

We provide Glassine paper with high smoothness and translucent surfaces Suitable for silicone coating. We can offer glassine paper suitable for single side as well as double side coating.We are associated with various paper mills across the globe.

Applications: Label industry, Auto Labelling industry, Tape Industry, automobile industry, Pharma industry, Medical Industry and many more.

GSM: 40 gsm to 120 gsm

Colour: White, Yellow, Natural Bown, Havana, Honey.

Clay Coated Kraft (CCK)

We provide CCK papers that  are suitable for even the most demanding and diverse label converting processes including solvent less, solvent, emulsion and UV silicone coating. The major advantage with clay-coated paper is that due to the coating of clay they can withstand high temperatures and possesses good dimensional stability.

Applications: Self-Adhesive Paper for Label stock, Digital, Graphics and many more.

GSM: 55 gsm to 85 gsm

Colour: White

Release Base for Hygiene application

We provide Machine Glazed Paper (MG) in lower thickness which is highly suitable for direct siliconising. It is uncoated base paper suitable for siliconising and many other industrial applications. The paper has excellent mechanical strengths, very good runability on converting and printing machines with extremely good silicone holdout.

Applications: Hygiene Products, Envelops, Medical Hygiene, Medical Dressing and Industrial Applications

GSM: 29 gsm to 40 gsm

Colour: White

Unbleached Release Base

We provide unbleached machine finished paper (MF) suitable for direct siliconising and many other types of coating. The paper is approved for FDA food packaging norms. This paper is designed for release end uses where clean and pure surface is of importance.

Applications: Suitable for polycoating, Adhesive Tapes, Double Side Adhesive Tapes etc.

GSM: 60 gsm to 108 gsm

Colour: Natural Brown (Unbleached)