Label Stock for Harsh Environment

We are Exclusive Distributor of Polyonics for Indian Market.

Esd Safe Label Material – Esd safe polyimide and Pet label material provide static dissipative surface resistances greater than 10” and less than 10” ohms and low charging pressure sensitive adhesive and liners that generates less than 50 volts when separated.

FlameGard Technology – Polyonics expand line of flame retardant barcode label material with seven new colours. The new polyonics flame retardant label material help prevent propergation of the fire plus with their vibrate colours, provides concise long distance product identification.

Flamegard + ESD Technology - PolyFLEX substrates provide ideal physical, electrical and thermal properties for flexible circuits. The printable coatings incorporated in polyFlex are designed using ThermoGardth technologies.

PCB Barcode Labels – Polyonics specially formulated topcoat chemistries that resist highly active fluxes and high pressure washes plus resist abrasion contact during processing.

Work in Process Tracking Hot Metal – Polyonics has applied its 25+ years of manufacturing high temperature, harsh environment tags and labels to help metal processor solve their most complex barcode tracking application.

Medical Industry – We also offer FDA certified adhesive label material for blood banks and cryogenics (-200°C)

Automotive Industry – We also offer vulcanisation label material for tyre industry as well as under the hood label materials.

Aerospace Industry – Polyonics offer a flame retardant polyimide label material designed to work in the harsh environments typical of avionics, aerospace and military applications plus does not propagate fire. Polyonics combine special coatings and halogen free flame retardant technologies with the high temperature resistance of polyimide film to provide a durable label material that meets the challenging requirements for the aerospace industry. Polyonics also offer a range of label material that fully comply with the NASA ASTM E595 low out gassing requirements. These materials meet the highest levels of TML, CVMC and WVR - measurements.